Bed Bug Facts


They’re Really Small

Bed bugs are small, flat, are reddish-brown in colour, and resemble an apple seed. Growing up to .7cm in size, they have 6 legs and no wings.

Interestingly, bed bugs can live for months without dining on blood. Furthermore, they turn a rusty red colour after eating. Creepy!


Bed Bugs Are Found Across the Globe

The presence of bed bugs was once thought to be a problem only seen in developing countries, however bed bugs are also spreading throughout first-world countries.
One of the most unsettling facts is that they tend to live within three metres of where people sleep. Furthermore, they are capable of traveling over 30 metres in a night!


Bed Bugs are Prolific Breeders

Female bed bugs prefer lay their eggs in and around mattresses and pillows, hence the name bed bug.
Adult bed bugs live for up to one year and females can lay literally 100s of eggs during that time.


Bed Bugs Are Nocturnal

Being nocturnal, bed bugs will feed while we sleep, taking up to 3 minutes per meal.


Their Saliva Contains a Mild Aesthetic

One of the most interesting facts about bed bugs that most people don’t know is that their saliva contains a mild aesthetic. Ever wondered why people don’t notice or feel bug bites?
The saliva of bed bugs anesthetizes the areas they bite, so their meal often stays asleep while they feed.


Bed Bug Bites Can Be Mistaken for Mosquito or Flea Bites

In the first instance, bed bug bites do not hurt due to the anesthetic, however they soon develop into insanely itchy bumps. The key difference is that mozzie and flea bites are felt soon after being bitten.

Furthermore, bed bugs have the opportunity to bite someone all over their body, often due to the fact that the person is laying down while sleeping and often has more skin exposed. In contrast, fleas tend to stay close to ground level and favour the ankles.


Bed Bugs Like Warm-Blooded Hosts

Although bed bugs prefer humans as a meal, they will also dine on other mammals in their absence.


Bed Bugs are Everywhere

By the very nature of their name, we generally think that bed bugs are, well, found in beds. While that is true, they are also found just about anywhere humans active such as office complexes, schools, dorms and movie cinemas.


They Are Elusive

For those who have experienced being partially devoured in a bed bug feeding frenzy, you’ll remember being amazed at how hard they are to find in the morning. They’ll find the tiniest hole or crevice and disappear until their next meal. If needed, they can leave the safety of the mattress and hide under the bed in the carpet.


We Unwittingly Move Them From Place to Place

We can’t see the critters most of the time, therefore it’s easy for us to transport them from one place to another without knowing it. They may be on your clothing, in your handbag or luggage, just about anywhere there is protection from the elements.


If you think you have a bed bug problem, contact your local Cairns pest control specialist to book an inspection and treatment.


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