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General Questions

Is pest control safe for my family and pets?

Eco Pest Management use the safest pesticides available for pest control in cairns and the surrounding region. The modern pesticides are regarded as safe to use around family and pets. However, we recommend that during the application of any pesticides, family and pets are kept well away. Once the pest treatment has been applied it is generally safe to carry on with day to day activities around your property.

Will I have to leave the house during my Cairns pest control treatment?

Generally no. In 90% of situations, it is not necessary to leave your house at all while a Cairns pest control specialist is treating your home.

Should I empty out my cupboards in the kitchen and empty out wardrobes?

Generally, you won’t need to empty your cupboards or drawers when we undertake our pest control in Cairns and the surrounding region.

Having said that, it’s always a good idea to periodically clean out your cupboards as a good pest preventative measure. Invasive pests such as cockroaches will generally leave a trail of debris. Ever wonder how your cutlery drawer gets so dirty?

Today’s modern approach to service these areas is to apply small quantities of gel bait, which in the main will not require cupboards and wardrobes to be emptied. However, if our pest control treatment is extensive, we will provide further advice if needed.

Will the pest disappear right away?

There will be an initial impact on pest levels, usually over the period of a few days. With an effective pest control strategy, total elimination may still take several days to several weeks.

How long after my house has been sprayed can I clean the floor?

This will depend on the treatment. For example, when treating for fleas on carpet areas it is essential that the carpets are not vacuumed for at least five days.

Where treatment for cockroaches is applied generally once the treatment has dried, normal day to day cleaning can commence. All pest control measures vary, therefore it’s best to follow the recommendations of Cairns pest control specialist at the time of application.

How often should I get a Cairns pest control specialist to treat my home?

Depending on your local environment, we’d recommend a building and pest inspection be conducted at least every 12 months.  Where pest infestations are located, we would apply treatment on the day. We would also recommend building and pest inspection in Cairns for termites if you have received any previous termite treatments.

You can find more in formation in relation to this question in our post How Often Should I Pest Control My Home.

Does a Cairns pest control treatment have a warranty and how long does it last for?

Yes, warranty periods vary depending on the type of pest control service, property type and local environment.

The warranty can range from 1 month to 12 months.

What does your Cairns pest control warranty really mean?

Our free service period means that if the pests we treat come back, so do we – with no further charge to you. We stand by our reputation to be the best Cairns pest control specialists.

Will the pest control spray destroy my garden?

No, our termite treatments and other pest control Cairns measures will not destroy your garden.

Termite Questions

Are white ants the same as termites?

No. Ants are no relation to termites and in fact, there is no such thing as a white ant. Termites have been incorrectly referred to as white ants purely by the colour of their bodies and similar looking to an ant.

Check out our blog on the differences between termites, white ants and ants for more information.

Our termite treatment Cairns specifically targets termite infestations. We have separate pest control measures for ants.

Should I have a termite inspection every year?

Yes, a yearly building and pest inspection Cairns is recommended as a minimum to protect your property from invasive termites and other pests.

Does home and content insurance cover termite damage?

In most cases no, termite damage to your home would not be covered by your insurance policy, however we recommend that you consult with your insurance company.

My home is built on a concrete slab so I’m safe, right?

Wrong. Concrete slab constructed homes are regarded at very high risk of termite attack due to the termite’s entry points being concealed and are usually discovered by the home owner. Effective Cairns pest control inspections include thorough examination of concrete slabs to look for termite activity within your home.

What can I do to assist termite pest control in Cairns?

When a termite inspection is conducted, you will be supplied with a report that lists recommendations to reduce the risk of termite attack. These could be poor drainage, timbers in contact with the ground, leaks in plumbing etc. These are called conducive conditions and should be rectified. Contact your pest control Cairns specialist for further information.

How quickly can termites eat my house?

There are many variables involved in how much damage termites can cause to a home. It is possible however that some species of termites can eat a room of your home in a few months.


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