Termite Treatment Cairns and Surrounds

Termite Inspections

Your licenced, insured and highly experienced Cairns pest control specialist will conduct an extensive visual termite and general pest inspection of your home or workplace. We’ll inspect all accessbile areas of your property, searching not only for the presence of termites, but also for any recent activity or damage. Areas of inspection will include, if accessibe, roof cavities and foundations.

Once we have completed our thorough building and pest inspection, we will provide you with a detailed termite report outlining our findings and recommended risk management solutions.

Depending upon the size of your home, property or workplace, and the amount of items at those locations, expect your Cairns building and pest inspection to take approximately 1 hour to complete. You’ll receive your detailed pest inspection report immediately and you can discuss any further actions if required.

Types of Cairns Termite Treatments

If you’ve lived in Cairns and the surrounding region for any number of years, you’ll be accutely aware of the damage that termites can cause to homes and businesses. An invasive pest throughout much of Australia, termites are heavily active in wet, humid environments. In fact, most older homes in Cairns have had some form of termite activity prior to the introduction of physical termite barriers during home construction.

It’s interesting to note that installing a physical termite barrier during construction, or having a block home instead of a timber frame will not necessarily protect your home or business from the ‘attack of the killer termites’. They are particularly adept at making mud tunnels over obstacles in order to get into your home.

Luckily termites can be controlled with either chemical barriers or in-ground baiting systems. These are highly effective solutions for use in conjunction with, or in the absence of physical barriers.


Chemical Termite Barrier

The chemical barrier treatment is a preventive measure that can be used on new construction or as an additional protection against termites before they’re discovered. It’s applied to the foundation of structures and uses liquid chemicals which are pushed down into the soil around the building, then seeps into cracks where termites travel. These termites ingest the chemical, which then kills them and prevents future termite infestations. A good chemical barrier, if applied correctly, should last for 10 years.


Termite Baiting System

The second method of termite treatment is an in-ground termite baiting system. Wood is used initially to identify activity within the station. Following that, tasty baits, generally made of cellulose and a slow acting pesticide are placed into containers just below the ground’s surface. To be effective, multiple stations are generally applied around the property. Once the source of nutrition has been located, termites will feed on the poison, only to die some weeks later.

In any event, it’s highly recommended to have a regular Cairns building and pest inspection regimen in place to prevent costly damage to your home or business.


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