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Personally, I have a healthy respect for spiders. They hunt bugs inside the home and generally keep to themselves. So why do most people insist on killing them? Are they really pests or do they simply give us the heebie jeebies.

For many home owners, there are generally two reasons for getting rid of spiders:

  1. They are creepy. 8 legs and loads of eyes… that’s just wrong! And those huntsman spiders…. get outa here! Yep, the main reason people don’t like spiders in the home is because of they way they look, and subsequently how spiders make the homeowners feel.
  2. The mess. Spider webs are unsightly and are commonly associated with a dirty home. The mess often found under a spider’s web is generally the remnants of insects consumed by the spider. It’s intersting to note that while many people may not mind the presence of spiders in the home, the regular chore of vacuuming/sweeping the home will inadvertantly remove webs and often the spiders themselves.

Spiders are quite shy, it’s not ofen you’ll see them scurrying around your home in the middle of the day, instead opting for hunting while you sleep. Most spiders will spin their webs and remain there awaiting its prey. On the other hand, the huntsman spider does not make webs and will roam your home in search of its next meal.

Spiders can be a tricky pest to get rid of from our homes. They have this ability to get in through anything and it’s almost impossible to keep them out. However, there are a few things we can all do to prevent spiders from coming indoors and help keep them under control.

The most practical method of spider control is regular cleaning. To prevent spiders from building up in numbers we should clear away all existing webs and spiders from inside and outside the house.

Although it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to keep every single spider out of your home, there are a few steps you can take to minimise the risk:

  • Ensure all external screens are in good repair and are well fitted with no gaps between the screen and the window frame.
  • Put door sweeps on the base of each external door to stop spiders from crawling through the gap.
  • As with any pest control measure, ensure all ingress points are blocked, including gaps around plumbing, eaves and other vents.
  • Keep shrubs away from your external walls.
  • Double check anything you bring inside that may have been lying outside for a while.

These are just a few simple solutions, however they’re not bullet proof. For guaranteed longer term results, speak with your pest control specialist in Cairns for expert advice and assistance.

close up of a huntsman spider


Quick Spider Facts

  • No one had died from a spider bite in Australia since 1979 due to the introduction of effective antivenom.
  • Previous spider bite fatalities were caused by the redback and funnel web spiders.
  • Contrary to public belief, daddy long leg spiders aren’t extremely venomous. The fact that they can kill redback spiders with their venom gave rise to the myth they they must therefore be extremely venomous.
  • Spiders are carnivorous and inject their prey with venom before dining on their fluids, leaving only the shell behind.
  • Huntsman spiders, although somewhat terrifying to try and capture, are not aggressive and prefer to stay well away from humans.
  • Large spiders can take up to a day for the pesticide to kill it.
  • Professional pesticides generally last up to 6 months in the control of spiders.


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