Do Termites Eat Hardwood?
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Written by Peter Muller

Your Termite Treatment Cairns Specialist


Termites are one of the most common nuisances in the world and termite control is an industry that rakes in billions annually. The termite pest problem has only worsened as they have become more resistant to poison pest control measures.

Termite infestations can spread through a home, quickly eating away at every hardwood floor, piece of furniture and wooden structure they can get to. As termites chew on hardwood, the termite damage is often so rot-laden that termite treatment becomes a huge priority to prevent further damage throughout the home. This highlights the need for regular building and pest inspections by your local Cairns pest control specialist.

Why Termites Prefer Hardwood

Unfortunately termites have the ability to chew through nearly all types of wood and hardwoods are no exception. Termites actually prefer hardwoods over softwoods because of their higher protein content.

Termite infestations are easiest to get rid of if they only have one type of wood to feed on, however inspections in homes regularly reveal termite droppings and damage on several different types of hardwoods. Just because termites can eat through hardwood, it doesn’t mean they will choose to do so. Pretty much anything made of wood is fair game.

Termite prevention is the best way to keep them away from your home, however effective, professional treatments are often required if the pests do get inside. 

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